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When Real Art Meets Mas eVents

Posted on Oct 1, 2013

When Real Art Meets Mas eVents

A unique request was made for Mas Entertainment to supply characters not seen before or not seen often. “Could you send us a sample of some of your most unusual artists” was our brief – “We are wanting to create a feeling of artistic wonderment in our secret garden and color and fantasy is the requirement”.

Mas Entertainment staff loves these “briefs” and our submission to them was met with gasps of appreciation and amazement –

“Many thanks for the perfect solution to our clients wish list – we never imagined in our wildest dreams we could fulfill her list of fantasy exotic and never seen before characters –

“MAS you are a delight to work with and a breath of fresh creative air ” We cant thank you enough!Clint MC_MG_1369-Edit

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