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Team Building

team building

The phrase “TEAM BUILDING” certainly gets used with frequency, but is rarely fully understood.

In fact, it gets used to describe many different approaches (some accurately, and others not so accurately).

Genuine & Lasting Value

We take great pride in going beyond mere “words” as we deliver genuine and lasting value for each client in a number of keyareas.

From fun at a conference, to strategic team and management development we match our considerable experience to the genuine needs of each client to obtain the best results for their people and teams.

Experiential learning delivers best results when a provider can truly tailor their approaches to mirror the real world behavioural and process issues that impact the team. We work with clients to ensure lasting impact and value for the participants ongoing.

Clients have engaged us to design and deliver solutions for a myriad of reasons.

These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Team and Leadership Development
  • Conference and Meeting based Team Building Events
  • Retreats and Top Team Boosters
  • Culture and People Development
  • Project Team Boosters
  • Employee and Stakeholder Engagement Events
  • Cross Functional Networking
  • Change Management Initiatives
  • Roadshows for Employee Communication
  • Strategic Planning and Development Initiatives
  • Enhancement of existing Training Initiatives
  • Fun and Motivation (in both the good times and the bad times)

Approaches range from spectacular and creatively themed events at conferences to high-end and heavily tailored team development programmes and leadership academies.

Theme genres include but are not limited to:

  • Military
  • Crime and Secret Agent
  • Art and Fashion
  • Movie and TV
  • Team Projects and Networking
  • History and Mythology
  • Sport and Play
  • Charity and Green
  • Elite retreats

If you don’t see anything you like, email us as we have many more options offline.

New team building event “The Islands of Atlantis”

atlantis team building event with MAS Entertainment

In response to many clients seeking an activity construct that addresses cross-functional profitability, collaborative competition and sharing of resources between functions we have created a business game set in the mythological ancient civilisation of Atlantis. It’s a fast paced game where each team represents the elite senate of their own small island seeking the best resources and opportunities for their own people. Seeing the bigger picture will help all, failing to could mean catastrophe for all.

Check out our full Team Building & Development Guide for full details.  Or call us on 07 5526 0842 for further information.