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Santa on his lifesized Puppet Horse ride into Australia for X mas

Posted on Sep 16, 2012

MAS is proud to present  one of the worlds most unique roving “Puppets”  – Alfonso Di Capricious –  this extraordinary puppet  has been the brain child of one of Frances’ leading Puppeteer’s and we are proud and privileged to present him exclusively in Australia for a limited time only for Xmas Promotions.

Paol Serret is an Internationally acclaimed French Puppeteer and nothing like this has ever been made available to us previously in Australia.  

This superb Puppeteer who along with his horse Alfonso Di Capricious will guarantee to light up faces of Children and Adults alike.

In Australia for a limited time only SANTA’S appearance on his “Puppet Horse” will attract so much excitement to  venues, shopping centre, private functions or events.  

“Alfonso Di Capricious”and his rider the great French Puppeteer Paol Serret.



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