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MASKE in demand for MAS CLIENTS

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

MASKE in demand for MAS CLIENTS

MASKE electric String Trio still features as one of our leading corporate acts.

MASKE recently appeared for a promotional Gala Dinner for Hennessy in KL and is about to head back to Hong Kong for another promotional evening where they will be involved with the launch of a luxury motor vehicle company.

A word from our recent client.

“MASKE is about as professional as anyone we have had at our events Mary Anne, and we are delighted to say our client is as happy as he could possibly be with the performance and the ladies delightful warm personalities.”

“I am passing on our thanks to you for the way you handled the emails back and forward with our gratitude to you considering the time changes and your attention to detail – it made this end so easy for our event planners and we have many great photos for you shortly – the show was,  as you had promised – sensational! ”

MAS entertainment is proud to exclusively represent this act and delighted to have had the past 7 years alongside one of the best and most professional performers in the country with testimonials such as this one a constant source of great satisfaction, privilege and pride.

The beautiful founder and Leader of this act the ever popular Miss Suzie G can take her place as one of Australia’s most celebrated performers.SONY DSCIMG_0725

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