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MASKE Electric String Trio

Posted on May 9, 2013

MASKE Electric String Trio

suzie g MASKE


Maske Electric String Trio has enjoyed an exceptional year with bookings from May onward reflecting the popularity of this world renowned group. The groups founder and lead violinist “Suzie G” has added to her work load by producing a one woman show featured on International Cruise Liners across the world.   as 

“I am more than amazed by the consistency of this group and the outstanding feedback generated by the shows ” Mary Anne from Mas Entertainment states. “We are inundated these past few weeks with enquiries and have a full book for the next three months for these ladies” and they have achieved things only some artists dream of.

Suzie G leads this outfit with her charismatic personality and her extraordinary ability to continually  re invent the shows in order to bring a new magic to the corporate stages.

  bookings: masent@bigpond.net.au 

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