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MAS entertainment a Musical Team

Posted on Apr 14, 2015

MAS entertainment a Musical Team


The office of MAS Entertainment contains some talent of its own with the CEO Mary-Anne Sterling a noted singer in her own right with many years as a professional Performer,  her work is well known throughout the country. “I Still love to sing” Mary-Anne state’s, and her more recent recordings have been attracting a lot of interest from MAS clients and artists alike.

” I feel with a long history as a musician, I have an empathy with the players and performers, and in most situations I’m very sympathetic towards them if a problem arises and my respect for my artists is well known ” ..       MAS clients also appreciate the knowledge and advice coming from a lengthy experience as a performer myself and I feel we are well equipped to best choose the right musician and character artists for the theme requested” ….

Heidi Sterling Mary- Anne’s daughter has been with the company for Ten years and her knowledge of the industry is extensive also. Heidi Sterling is a musician in her own right and as a gifted songwriter, piano player and vocalist Heidi is a very valuable part of the Team at Mas Entertainment.

Mary-Anne and Heidi Sterling have recently recorded individual songs at “Studio Proof” a top line studio on the Gold Coast  www.studioproof.com.au

They can be heard below by clicking the links  – Heidi  https://youtu.be/IvW5U_-XMyk  Mary – Anne https://youtu.be/hXG0ToW_vvw

MAS entertainment is an agency with integrity and experience of a very personal kind.




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