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MAS appreciates YOU

Posted on Jul 18, 2013

MAS appreciates YOU

Occasionally we are very humbled to receive letters and testimonials from happy clients – and once in a while we are also gratified to think our work with our artists is also giving them support and the praise they so richly deserve.

The value of the talent of many artists whether they are musical or character actors, dancers or acrobats, painters or costume designers,  at times,  is taken for granted and I wish there was more open praise for the work of these superb people.

My business has been a vehicle to attract the best of the best from all corners of the country and the wider world beyond,  and has given me great joy and formed treasured friendships and great memories for our clients with so many of these creative people .

My wish is that MAS can continue to support the creative arts and all artists therein and bring their talents to as many stages and venues as possible so their performances can be seen and valued – praised and appreciated by all who are lucky enough to experience the unique value of these gems amongst us……

I am humbled to have received this letter today and hope I can reach out to the artists the way the do me … its with a grateful heart that I reproduce this letter …

  dear darlings in the MAS office
and specially you Mary-Anne,
with all my heart a loud Thank You!

I celebrate this coming January my 25th anniversary as a professional performer and in my whole career there was NOT ANY agent, client or event organizer that has ever given me that warm feeling of being appreciated as an artist and that I’m actually doing a great job, than what you do.
Thank you so much for your kind words, you have no idea (or maybe you do, after all you are an artist yourself) how important this is for me and how much I appreciate this.
So happy that I found you!


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