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Posted on Aug 2, 2018


A Mix of great Humour good music and fascinating costumes – these ladies will light up your function in a way only they can –      https://youtu.be/Q8VDPcMteHA

The Loveys – four women telling it like it is – they are heroic, humorous and hip!
Stylish yet down to earth, opinionated yet full of love, playing original songs, with big, beautiful
vocal harmonies, accompanied by keyboard, ukuleles, bass guitar, drums, and featuring the
The audience is right at home with the cabaret style humour of The Loveys. Original songs slip
past their too-red lips and over-stated eyewear, their gentrified hats, and put great-grandma’s
Royal Doulton to a new, unintended use as the china tinkers out a syncopated funk.
Nailing the piss-take on all things modern circa 2018, from unexpected marital departures to
personality disorders – even the pursuit of happiness isn’t spared from their material. But they’re
not popular just for their good humour, they’re a festival highlight because they’re absolutely
gorgeous and very bloody good.
The Loveys have played at the Sunshine Coast, Newcastle and Melbourne Ukulele Festivals,
Blue Mountains Folk Festival, as well as sell out concerts in their home town of Mullumbimby.
They will have you laughing one minute and crying the next as they share their tales of love,
loss, longing and pure bloody – mindedness.

A rare find  we’d like to introduce The Loveys – a 5 piece cabaret style band based in Northern NSW.

We would LOVE you to have a look at this interesting act – a fantastic New Album and a very  unique and unforgettable performance – this is an experience you wont forget!

These extraordinary ladies write their own original songs, and have developed a show called Swing In Your Skirt – in 2 acts, with 2 costume changes…


With swooning five-part harmony and a cocktail-hour arsenal of instruments including guitar, ukulele, bass

guitar, bassoon, drums and percussion, they have concocted a sound with shades of palm-fronded

bandstands of old, elegantly sliced with the wit of the thoroughly modern woman.

Michael Dwyer, journalist, Fairfax Press

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