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Posted on Jan 4, 2012

Hi Mary- Anne,

From all accounts I was very pleased with the Duo. Please send them a thank you from me especially for providing back ground music during dinner after they had set up which as before their contracted start time. It made all the difference to the dining experience.

Marianne Function and Event Manager

The Surf Club

Alibi were great and the feedback was all positive

Warm regards


Currumbin RSL

Hi Mary Anne

New Years Eve here was I think the best we’ve had and I think a lot of that is thanks to “The Beam”.
Everyone had a great time bopping away to the music and they were exactly the right fit for our venue. Please thank them for me and we will definitely be looking to use them again in the future.
Happy New Year.

Hi Mary Anne – happy new year and just to let you know that Benson was great as always, thank you – I just love his choice of music for Ten Japanese Restaurant – he has probably told you that I sing along (quietly) to every song – they’re all my favorites and great sounds.

Take care and see you in the near future I hope – its a pleasure working with such a professional organisation.

cheers Wendy

Hi MaryAnne !!

Xmas day at Marriott was fantastic !!!!

Please book Santa for next year NOW please !! He is the best Santa we have ever had – have had him previously and is perfect for the hotel.

Choir sounded awesome – only one (minor) problem – one of them came with

red dyed hair – an alternate guy who was lovely – but not Marriott conservative.

The group sounded great and we have had some fantastic feedback on the whole day.

Sam and the face painter were also fantastic as usual

thanks again for all of your assistance in making my day soooo much easier !

LOU events manager

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