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Creative Collaboration The Key To Success

Posted on Aug 21, 2012

Creative Collaboration The Key To Success

In my 13 years of entertainment supply the client I regard most highly and am indeed grateful for with would be without a doubt McLaren’s Landing Island Paradise – Tallship Island Adventures.

 MAS is an award winning entertainment agency having won the MEA award for conference support services first for Qld and then we won Australia’s National award. This award was very much due to the support of the event team on McLaren’s landings unfailing encouragement!  

 Mas are proud to say that much of our submission was based on the innovative and extraordinary events we have done in collaboration with this islands creative and unwavering event team.

 This venue has contributed to MAS entertainments success by being an intricate part of the development of our more unique and what we call  “Outside of the Box” style of performers.

The event team has created an opportunity for my company to be as imaginative as possible and the development of many of our different creative characters has without a doubt been from their inspiring encouragement such as our “Av8tars”, our free standing acrobatic apparatus,  stilt “Trees” and artistic costuming for our meet and greet fire performances…to name just a few.

 The brilliant addition of our Aqua Bubbles were purchased specifically for the lagoon area on the suggestion of the team at McLaren’s giving MAS the edge in many other events we are involved in.     

 The event team at Mclarens Landing has had the vision to provided MAS with the freedom to create a totally unique experience for their clients and their encouragement has had enormous benefits to my company in the wider corporate market.

  MAS is proud and privileged to have been given a chance to expand our creative boundaries and we are indeed thankful to this team for the opportunity to grow in such a creative way.

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