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Posted on Sep 18, 2015


Suavito for MAS Entertainment

Many years before Salsa music was introduce to the world, Son music was and still is the backbone of all modern styles of Salsa we hear today.

Introducing Suavito, a small version of Chukale, the renowned 11 piece Afro Cuban Salsa Ensemble based in Brisbane, who has entertained Noosa audience at venues such as The J at Noosa Junction thanks to our affiliation with Jalberto Maldonado from Timbeao Planet Music.

Suavito’s repertoire not only aims to please the easy listener with a more mellow & traditional style of Latin music but also to the dance enthusiast. Paying respect to the roots of where this music was derived .and to the great artists that composed the Latin classics that are known today such as Chan Chan from Buena Vista Social Club.

The lineup of Suavito includes:

  • Gustavo Cereijo on percussion, vocals & Musical Director
  • Christo Iconomidis on piano
  • Robert Shultz
  • Sacha Kloostra on drums & percussion
  • Steele Chabau on bass
  • John Sanchez on vocals and hand percussion

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