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Sacred Circus – Stilt Walkers

Posted on Jul 31, 2014

Sacred Circus – Stilt Walkers

Roving at festivals, corporate functions, as part of a street parade, or amongst guests in any event setting, Sacred Circus’ stilt walking street entertainers are an ideal means to feature unique stand out entertainment that’s seen high above the rest!

As fabulous meet and greet entertainers, or roving characters throughout the day or evening, this exceptional range of stilt walking acts enhance event ambience with their delightful presence. Seen high above the crowd, they add instant attraction, charm, and ideal photo opportunities for guests or event souvenirs.

Choose from an extensive range of friendly & interactive characters, colourfully and craftily designed to match an array of event theming. Amongst the impressive collection, find unique costumed characters suited to burlesque, beach party, black & white, circus, carnival, Caribbean, casino, enchanted egyptian, forest, fantasy, fire & ice, glitz n glamour, Rio, tropical, underwater, oriental, Vegas, jungle, Venetian masquerade, Christmas, multicultural, elemental themed events.


Gorgeous and ethereal, our blessed white angels spread magic and wonder
wherever they roam. Adorned with majestic feathered wings and with a twinkle
in their eyes, they blow beautiful bubbles that carry wishes up into the
heavens. Solo or duo artist team available


Inspired by the beauty of nature, this exotic pair of tropical rainforest
friends glide gracefully by on their stalk-like stilt legs. Our ‘Birds of
Paradise’ are delightfully vibrant, fantasy stilt duo suited to fantasy,
tropical carnival, rainforest or garden themed events. Available as up to a
duo artist team.


Cute as candy, vibrant and smiley, all sort of sugar coated, carnival cuties
available for your next carnival or family fun day event! Duo artist team
available, or up to a 6-piece of mixed carnival cuties!


Enter a fantasy world with the ‘Circus Dollies’, where mad harlequin clown
meets shy ragdoll mime in an engaging mix of cute and quirky, interactive
circus characters. Up to a 6-piece artist team available.


Majestic, mysterious and magickal masquerade creations. Characters suited to
multicultural, and venetian carnival themes. Duo artist team available.


Funky futuristic, interactive & elaborate cyber entertainers.


Sleek and refined, these exotic performing women exude an air of traditional
skill and silent beauty, balancing with mime from high up on their stilt
legs. White made up faces, elegant hair and elaborate draping kimonos create
the complete image of a Japanese Geisha. Our stilt Geishas make a perfect
addition to multicultural, oriental, or Asian fusion events.


Be transported to the grandeur of Venetian carnival extravagance with our
ornately costumed ‘Cirque Jesters’. These delightfully disguised, visually
captivating mime creations wander in classical masquerade on stilts.

SUN & MOON(Carnival)

Vibrant carnival stilt duo Sun and Moon are a fabulous addition to family
day events, street festivals or themed functions. Glamorous yet family
friendly costumes attract smiles and offer extra carnival flavour, seen high
above the crowd with gorgeous silk fans or fabric wings!


Brighten up your next Christmas event with our festive stilt walkers.
Ideal for Christmas tree lighting events, Santa arrivals, shopping centre
entertainment or end of year celebrations. Keep Christmas magic alive for
children and adults alike with our candy cane stilt walkers. Available in up
to a 6-piece of roving stilt or ground based characters


Look out for moving mayhem, fancy tricks and sparkly smiles as the friendly
‘Sideshow Circus’ allsorts charm us on their way! Up to a quartet artist
team available.

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