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Morningside Fats

Posted on Aug 8, 2014

Morningside Fats

Morningside Fats for MAS Entertainment

Morningside Fats just keeps proving them wrong. The new album SPEAK NO EVIL is a rich gumbo of west coast and nawlins original tunes with a retro flavour.

Brisbane 3 piece hash slingers Morningside Fats have been hard at work since releasing their first all original EP “Someone Been Sleeping in My Bed” in 2011 and taking their West Coast style of blues interstate from their South East Queensland lair.

Since that time they have performed at the Gympie Muster, the past 3 Australian Blues Music Festivals, the past 2 Queensland Festivals of Blues, the Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival, and the Brisbane Rock and Blues Manifest.

The trio’s long awaited album of all original tunes – “SPEAK NO EVIL” – was released in early 2013, along with a limited release solo set of back porch blues tunes from front man Paul (Morningside Fats) Renton.

Paul has emerged as the guitar slinging, shouting, song writing powerhouse out front of Morningside Fats and his original songs have already become crowd favourites following AMRAP chart success and airplay across Australia.

Steve Robin – in between touring with the likes of Mojo Webb and Mike Frost – is the drummer who doubles as recording engineer and co producer on the band’s releases. They say that great rhythm sections are like married couples and with Steve’s wife Shelley Robin on bass MF have an engine room that’s even tighter.

With an energetic live set which draws strongly from Fats’ original song list – think Jump, Jazz, TexMex, Swing, and New Orleans – this band are fast becoming favourites on the Australian Blues Festival circuit.

Now let’s get this straight… You can dress it up anyway you like – Retro Americana, Retro Roots, Roots Revival, or Alt Roots – but MORNINGSIDE FATS simply delivers Raw, Emotional, Honest, Original music. Music you can listen to with a tear in your eye, or a potential lover to impress, or to invite along as a drinking buddy, or to go one up on a rival, or to feel humbled by, or to take on the world with, or to go out and get your groove on and dance to.

With many thousands of miles and many millions of notes under his belt he’s been called a Journeyman, but it only takes a quick glance through his back catalogue of titles including: Jealous Man, Lover Man, and Handy Man and you’ll soon realise that MORNINGSIDE FATS is your humble and observant Everyman. A man who’s love and mastery of retro American roots affords him the confidence to explore all of those hypnotic rhythms and soulful song structures wrapped up in the wit and emotion of his distinctive original music.

Delta, Nashville, Chicago, West Coast or Muscle Shoals – Fats’ brand of guitar picking has been flavoured by the whole gamut of traditional roots styles into a sound that is unmistakedly and uniquely his own. And with a voice as honest and longing as it is vulnerable you can tell just by listening that Fats has lived a lot of life…

For the MORNINGSIDE FATS TRIO Fats adds the uber talented husband and wife team of Steve and Shelley Robin on drums and bass. The trio formed in 2009 and since then have recorded two fully original releases, the SOMEONE BEEN SLEEPING IN MY BED EP in 2011, and the SPEAK NO EVIL album in 2013. Both releases received considerable airplay via AMRAPs AIRIT initiative, whilst Speak No Evil reached number 9 during its six month stint in the Australian Blues Radio Charts.

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