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Liza Ohlback

Posted on Jun 14, 2013

Liza Ohlback

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Liza has her new Award Winning CD – “Trouble Goin’ Down” OUT NOW! ‘Trouble Goin’ Down’ has won 3 Chain Awards. Best Female Vocal / Best New Talent / Producers of The Year

About the album..

Liza is joined by husband Greg Ohlback on Drums, Percussion & Vocals. Greg also recorded, mixed and produced the album and snapped the photos for the CD. The Album also features Eric Rasmussen (Doug Williams, Ian Moss) on Guitar & Vocals, Rick Melick (Joe Bonamassa) on Keyboards , Pete Rundle (Armondo Hurley) Keyboards, Zoltan Budai (Ray Beadle, Richard Clapton) Bass, Dave Weir (Jackie Orsasky) on Sax, plus some guest appearances by other well known Sydney musicians. Sensational Singers Dee Lavell, Dan Markovina, Evelyn Duprai, Chiara Browne and Lee Noonan all contributed to the fabulous Backing Vocals, giving the Album a rich and soulful Gospel/Soul Style sound.



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