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Libertina: Live

Posted on Sep 15, 2014

Libertina: Live



LIBERTINA: LIVE – is a superstar, a diamond-embossed status symbol. 10-feet tall, she eschews overt luxury and wealth, and performs ONLY for PREMIUM, TIER-ONE GLOBAL BRANDS, CORPORATIONS and clients – the super-rich, globally.

Her grand 90-minute stage show “Love Songs and Legends” tours the world. She is a style diva, a concert pianist, a stunning singer – a world-class, opulent performer of the highest class and sophistication. With her diamond-encrusted 10-foot grand piano and her All-Star 8-piece live show band, LIBERTINA’s grand stage show “Love Songs | & | Legends” is available for concerts and tours, world-wide.


VIDEO: LIBERTINA: LIVE, in Concert – “Love Songs & Legends” Stage Show (Duration: 1-minute) from LIBERTINA: LIVE IN CONCERT on Myspace.

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