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Lady Writer

Posted on Jul 27, 2015

Lady Writer

Lady Writer for MAS Entertainment

Lady Writer is an exciting new Collaboration between two British female artists based in Byron Bay, Australia, Caroline Agostini and Laura Jenkins. Between them they have an outstanding array of vocal and lyrical talent combined with a high level of song writing ability and musicianship. This is a truly unique and explosive unity of two prolific singer/songwriters who exude a real passion for music and deep connection to their art.

Both girls have had their works showcased on BBC radio and have had a number of releases through major record labels, many of which include collaborations with plethora of well known, successful UK artists. Their accolades also include Caroline’s Diesel U music Award for song writing, as well as giving an outstanding performance to the Royal Family. Whilst Laura has had a number of original songs featured in major film releases with Universal.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience working across a wide range of styles and genres the two have now set out to produce their own album. The songs are well put together in an original and intelligent way that compliments their luscious vocals and harmonies. The lyrics are thought provoking and beautiful with essences of light and dark which make for an interesting juxtaposition. The songs are uplifting and connect to the heart but have a very British sounding production with minimal break beats, subby bass lines and lots of atmospheric sound-scapery.

Caroline and Laura are currently based out in the hills near Byron Bay in a beautiful musicians retreat while the album is being written and produced, they then plan to tour around Australia and the UK to promote the release.


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