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Jill Chivers MC

Posted on Feb 8, 2016

Jill Chivers MC

Jill Chivers MC for MAS Entertainment

Jill Chivers is not only a master MC she is the ultimate host. She draws together all the experience, skill and expertise from her corporate career to make your event as great as it can be, as its ultimate host.

Jill has extensive experience with:

Corporate audiences

Jill understands and speaks their language, and she understands their needs. She is comfortable in front of a large crowd of professionals from high performing companies. Jill has worked with corporate audiences from finance and banking, professional services, insurance, law, higher education, government and the arts. Firms she has worked with include Macquarie Group, KPMG, Deloitte and IBM.


As an experienced and highly skilled facilitator, Jill understands the importance of reading the room and coordinating from behind-the-scenes. She knows that a great MC is like a great facilitator – they are there in service to the group and are not the main attraction. Jill became a certified professional facilitator through the International Association of Facilitators and is a master facilitator.


As a keynote speaker, Jill understands firsthand the mandate, pressures and requirements of keynote speakers. Jill is also an experienced presentation trainer and coach and is able to work with less experienced presenters to help them with the construction and composition of their keynote and their confidence and capability in delivering it.


As a stand-up comic, Jill knows the place of performing and where entertaining the audience comes into the mix. Jill has this ability to draw on when required. Jill is able to improvise when required and she brings humour and warmth to her MCing – all qualities that energise delegates and participants.

Organizing and coordinating

Jill understands how important an exceptionally well-run event is to its success. She is highly skilled in organizing and coordinating, including all the practical little details (which can have an amazing ability to upset the whole show if not taken care of) to make sure your event runs smoothly. Jill is exceptionally organized herself and brings this into her work as a master MC.

Team work

Jill understands that no event is one person’s success – it takes an entire team to make an event great. Jill is skilled in working with all the professionals involved in your event, from the event coordinator to the AV people to the keynote presenters and VIPs.

“Jill Chivers was the MC for a recent Pacific Rim Real Estate Conference at the University of the Sunshine Coast, involving a large and diverse audience drawn from 13 countries. Jill provided an outstanding service – very welcoming and inclusive with an eye to detail and a good comprehension of the nature of the conference and the outcomes required. I would recommend her highly.” Professor Mike Hefferan, Pro Vice Chancellor (Engagement), The University of the Sunshine Coast

“Jill is the ultimate professional. She fully understands the role of an MC and prepares for it. Her ‘performance’ had a formula: first ensure that you engage the audience and bring them in (closely), then remind them why they are here, highlight the sponsors, the speakers and keep focused on the objectives of the event – it was a perfect ‘drum roll’ to the main event and nothing about her – she makes space to allow the keynote speakers to shine. She had the audience entranced! Thank you Jill, you made us look great!” Dr Pamela Wardner, Office of Engagement, The University of the Sunshine Coast

“Thank you Jill for the wonderful job you did MCing our reunion event on the weekend. The gala dinner night was a great success, mostly due to you. Your professionalism at engaging everyone and showing such respect for all those present made the evening the success it was. So many present commented on how terrific you were as the MC and we enjoyed having you there. I would recommend you highly for the wonderful job you did. ”Rosie Forster, President WRAAF (Womens Royal Australian Air Force)

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