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Posted on Nov 2, 2015


10cc for MAS Entertainment

Among the most inventive and influential bands in the history of popular music, 10cc are one of the very few acts to have achieved commercial, critical and creative success in equal measure.

Testament to 10cc’s ongoing appeal, the band can count a generation straddling array of fellow artists, everyone from Chrissie Hynde to The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie and Axl Rose to Sophie Ellis Bextor, among their many millions of fans. And now a new generation is discovering 10cc for the very first time.

2012 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of 10cc’s first single Donna, which reached No.2 in the UK charts and kick-started a remarkable career that has seen the band sell in excess of 30 million albums around the world.

Naturally 10cc are celebrating their 40th year in style and far from resting on their laurels they will be spending it breaking new ground.

An extensive world tour will see the band visit far-flung corners of the globe, including Iceland and South Africa, for the very first time. Closer to home an extensive UK tour finds 10cc undertaking another career first; their May 10 performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

10cc has never performed at the venue, in any previous incarnation, and the gig sees former 10cc member Kevin Godley joining co-founder Graham Gouldman and the band on stage for the first time in many years.

Godley has also teamed up with Gouldman and 10cc’s other original members to help produce a 5-disc CD box set that houses approximately 80 tracks from across the band’s hugely successful career together with a DVD containing rare live footage and promo videos.

“Where did the years ago? It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since we were in the studio recording Donna – but I am delighted that the music of 10cc is alive and well in 2012,” says Gouldman.

Gouldman puts the 10cc’s longevity down to the quality and individuality of the band’s songs. “They don’t seem to date; they are original, we never followed any trend we simple wrote for our own pleasure. The fact that the songs are being played as often on the radio today as they ever were shows how true that is,” he says.

The missing link between The Beatles and the Gorillaz,10cc ruled the pop world at a time – the 1970s – when the charts were dominated by some of the most creative and colourful artistes in pop history.

Unlike David Bowie, Queen, Elton John or Rod Stewart – all of whom they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with for a decade – 10cc worked not on image or celebrity-status, but on the art of making highly sophisticated rock masterworks into simple-sounding pop hits.


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